My new dogs - Website Update

Whoop whoop, I finally found time to update my website a little...check out my new dogs 😍😍

Some Infos on them:

The plan was I wanna keep one female out of my 2018 litter - ONE!!

I followed this plan 100%...NOT...

Instead of just keeping one female named GID Scarlet, I also kept one male dog...

I canÂŽt explain, how that happened - especially since blue eyes in dogs are not mine at all... but he did something to me when he was 4 weeks of age... since back then, I see something really special in him... his behaviour, his....I really donÂŽt know, how to describe it...

For that reason, I skipped being reasonable and listened to my heart, and kept "GID Dean" as well!!

IÂŽm soooo looking forward to the future with these two guys and I'm curious how they will turn out!!!

February 2019 I will bring two more dogs from the US to Germany, to support me and

my GID Team: BC Hugo and BC Tres.

Both dogs are testet N/N for: CEA, IGS, TNS, NCL, SN, MDR-1, MH, DM, HUU/SLC.

BC Tres is also already testet N/N for GG, which I will test BC Hugo as well, when he arrived here.

I`m so excited to welcome both of them in Germany soon!!

"BC Hugo" will be my Stud Dog and will be available for outside females as well.

If you have any questions, IÂŽll be more than happy to answer them!!

Dearest Greetings, Mel

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