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Pics of my litter born 06/26/2018

Open eyes since Sunday!!! Welcome little Sweathearts 😍😍😍

Breeding: .45 Peach X Conquest Mitch

Dam: .45Peach: CEA = N/N, IGS = N/N, MDR-1 = +/+ 😊 N/N), NCL/CL N/N, TNS = N/N, SN = N/N, MH = N/N, DM = N/N, SLC - Hyperurikosurie = N/N, PRA free, HD B1, ED 0 - Works Sheep and Cattle!!!

Sire: Conquest Mitch

CEA = N/N, IGS = N/N, PRA free, HD A2 - Multiple success at Sheepdog Trials

All Puppies are sold!

For information to my breeding, please feel free to contact me!!

Male blue - GID Bear

Male khaki - GID Dean

Male darkgreen - GID Hank

Female pink - GID Scar

Male violet - GID Patch

Male neon green - GID Sam

Female red - GID Scarlet

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