New project: Series of videos on the progress of puppies born 2020

As I have 3 young dogs born March and April 2020 at the moment ("GID Reba", "Flame" and Fuxy"), I will record their development with videos and regularly publish new videos about their progress. It will be so much fun and interesting to see, how different they learn and act.

To me it´s extremely important, to build up their self-confidence and let them develop their natural instincts to the fullest, then work with them and put everything into the right direction in order to have a reliable partner at your side in the future to get the job done!

Important notice: I´d like to poit out, the I´m specialized in working dogs and the dogs will be trained and educated for the everyday work on a ranch, also being able to handle nasty cattle and/or sheep.

Here you can watch the first video of "GID Reba" (Sire: "BC Hugo", Dam: ".45 Peach"), first time on sheep:

More information about the puppies can be found at My Dogs:

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