Litter Reunion Sunday 10/18/2020

"Litter Reunion“ of the 2020 litter by „BC Hugo“ X „.45 Peach“, born 03/22/2020 at GID Border Collies last Sunday, 10/18/2020.

All puppy owners followed my invitation and for all pups but one, it was the first sheep contact ever!!

All pups were hooked right away, super brave, brisk and gritty!!

Every owner, plus me as the breeder came out of the Roundpen with a big grin on our face

I’m proud as hell and look forward to their future. Most owners will train their pups with me, what makes it extra exciting!!

Here´s a little video clip of the pups first introduction:

(GID Reba is not in this video, since I didn´t work her that day, plus there are videos of her on the my dog site).

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