HD, ED, OCD and eye exam - Results of of GID Reba, MISR Beefer, Jim and WM Flame

Joy and Sorrow are very close sometimes.

On February 22 2022 i had an appointment with Dr. Koch in Melbeck for the eye examination and x-ray (HD, ED, OCD) of GID Reba, MISR Beefer, Jim and WM Flame.

All passed the eye examionation perfect!!

ED und OCD came back perfect as well...

This is the results of the HD x-rays:

GID Reba (my breeding) - HD A1

MISR Beefer (USA) - HD A1

Jim (France) - HD A2

Unfortunately Flame´s result was a C hip score, which means, she will not be a breeding dog!!!

That doesn´t affect using her as a working dog at all (also according to Dr. Koch)!!

For me, this is a emotional rollercoaster and that´s why it took me a little while being able to publish something.... I had to let the result sink first...

I love this dog, she´s fun to work and have around!!!

My heart says: keep her..... my brain says: find her a good working home.

After some sleepless nights, some conversations with my husband, the fact that my day only has 24 hourse as well and the fact, that I need to keep 2 dogs for myself instead of selling them as planned, I´m looking for a great home for Flame. It breaks my heart to let her go, but I also think it´s the best for her.

Despite of everything, I´m super happy about the super x-ray results of GID Reba, MISR Beefer and Jim!!!

You´ll find more information about my dogs here: https://www.en.gid-border-collies.com/my-dogs

In the pic: MISR Beefer and Jim had already been sedated and were supposed to sleep already...

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