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As promised, I publish training videos of my 3 young dogs every now and then. Here´s 2 videos each dog: GID Reba, WM Flame and WM Fuxy. They are each from the 2nd and 9th training session on sheep.

I would like to point out, that I take the time for training young dogs they need and work them according to their learning speed.

In the videos you can see, that not everything always works out perfectly or the way it was planned.

To me, this is not the main point at this young age.

I´m working out their strengths and reduce the mistakes or weaknesses step by step and playfully while working them, until they are down to a minimum or completely disappeared.

I show them, what I expect from them, with only putting the pressure on them, they are able to take (no matter if pressure from me or the sheep/cattle). Only setting goals and tasks for them they are able to solve, plus increasing the level of difficulty as fast as possible, but as slow as needed.

The dogs show me, how fast they learn and how much pressure they can take while I´m working them...

Videos GID Reba:

Videos WM Flame:

Videos WM Fuxy:

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