Trainings Schedule 2020     - to be announced -

Date                        Time         What                       Trainer

XXXXX / 2020  -  XXXX  -  1Day-Workshop - Mel

XXXXX / 2020  -  XXXX  -  1Day-Workshop - Mel

XXXXX / 2020  -  XXXX  -  1Day-Workshop - Mel

More to come...​

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Information about the next upcoming training appointment:

Next"OneDay-Workshop" in will be held xxxxx/2020 and will start at 9 am.


GID Border Collies - Reinhardsachsenerstrasse 3, 74731 Walldürn-Glashofen.


75,- Euro incl. tax for each participating combi (dog/handler).

What I offer:

Theory with practical units at my flock of sheep (Dorper, Skudden, Forest Sheep). Coffee and tea included. At lunchtime we can order pizza (not included in the price).

We´ll open the day with some theory in the heated Saloon (wintertime).

Depending on weather and performance level of dogs and handlers, we´ll do some pracitcal work in the roundpen, inside arena or training field.

​Please bring your own drinks, food, shade and clothing according to the current weather situation. Coffee and Tea will be available with no extra charge.

Dogs must be vaccinated, healthy and liability insured.

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If you have questions, please feel free, to contact me!

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I'm looking forward to see you !!

Reinhardsachsener Str. 3 74731 Walldürn-Glashofen


Tel: +49 172 626 78 86


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